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What is a Citation?


What is a citation? 
A citation tells a reader where we got the information, facts, or ideas that are not our own.  When we paraphrase or use direct quotes, we use a short in-text citation at the end of the quote or paraphrased text.  At the end of the essay, paper, or presentation, we give a list of detailed information about each work cited so that the original sources can be found, if needed.  For MLA style, this is called a Works Cited page; for APA style, it's called a References page

What is a citation style?
A citation style is a standardized way of providing sources. This enables the reader to know the origins of the sources and where to look for it.  At Gateway, MLA and APA styles are mostly used, while CSE and Chicago are occasionally used.

Why do we need to use citations?
There are two important reasons.  First, academics value scholarly research and being able to trace how ideas develop. Second, it is only fair to give credit to those that created the original ideas or works.

Want to know more?
Click on each tab to the left and review the specific citation format and style information provided.  For any questions, please contact the library at 203-285-2057, email us at, or use the Chat widget below.

YouTube Video - Citation: a (very) brief introduction