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Anthropology Research Guide

Welcome to the Anthropology Research Guide. This guide is divided in to the different types of sources you will need to use for your research projects. Please feel free to contact the Baker Library on the Norwalk campus with any questions you may have during your research.

NCC Catalog Description of Courses

ANTH 1005 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
This cross-cultural, non-Western course introduces the student to cultural studies, an area within the discipline of anthropology. Under examination will be the beliefs, values, rituals, customs and material culture that inform and explain any society's world view. A variety of world cultures will be explored, including cultural responses to change in this age of globalization.


Tomb Chapel of Raemkai: East Wall
Period:Old Kingdom
Dynasty:Dynasty 5
Date:ca. 2446–2389 B.C.
Geography:From Egypt, Memphite Region, Saqqara, North of the Djoser pyramid complex, Mariette D3, Egyptian Antiquities Service/Quibell excavations, 1907–08

Metropolitan Museum of Art