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Gateway Campus Library

Gateway Campus STEAM Tech Library




Engaging and enhancing student learning with emerging technologies


The STEAM Tech Committee seeks to: 

  • Build self confidence among students of all disciplines in pursuing interest in STEAM based careers. 

  • Introduce underrepresented students to the technological advances shaping the future of careers. Focus on Robotics, Coding, AI, Drones, and technologies for artistic creations. 

  • Foster collaboration skills among students. 

  • Encourage hands on curriculum. 

  • Connect curricular fields of study to the STEAM  library 

  • Develop curricular and co-curricular projects: Fairs, Displays, Events. 

  • Explore non-traditional learning experiences. 

  • Encourage students to take STEAM courses



Core Team: 

Peter Bonadies, Instructor Studio Art

Jonathan Braverman, Instructor Computer Science 

Christine Cherry, Co-chair of Engineering and Applied Technologies Department

Curleen Elliott, Campus Director of Library Services 

Alfred Guante, Director of Student Activities

Larry Salay, Director of Information Technology 

Mia Samsel, Co-chair of Engineering and Applied Technologies Department