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Norwalk Campus Library

Norwalk Student Research Paper Award

2024 Student Research Paper Award Submissions

  • FINALIST  Iris Cintra Couto ~ Multilingualism: The Powerful Tool to Combat Challenges and Promote Opportunities
  • FINALIST  Luzdary Hoyos Dominguez ~ Strength in Style: How Affiliative Humor Triumphs
  • HONORABLE MENTION  Nathaniel Boll ~ To Command the Word: On the Benefits of Multilingualism
  • HONORABLE MENTION  Rebekah Forni ~ Comedy or Propaganda: Considering Satire in an Age of Misinformation
  • Eugene Brennan ~ You are in the United States! Speak English
  • Will Daugherty ~ Cancel Culture and the Reciprocation of Political Antagonism as an Impairment to the Medium of Comedy
  • Gabriella De Souza Vilas Boas ~ The Importance of Student Newspapers
  • Toby Donovan ~ Social Class and Purchase Satisfaction: Does Money Buy Happiness?
  • Francely Flores ~ Food Production: Before and After the Green Revolution
  • Jessica Girdvainis ~ Fitness Apps: Friend or Foe?
  • Ethan Handler ~ The Results of Consumer Culture and Materialism
  • Martha Lopez ~ The New Version of the Mascot Moth
  • Sophie Magnifico ~ Authentically Fake
  • Zineb Makhtoum ~ Free Speech About Debate Between Israel and Palestine on Campuses
  • Gabrielle Miranda de Oliveira Gomes ~ Martin Luther King Jr.: The Architect of a Better World
  • Tafadzwa Musoni ~ The Impact of Mother Tongue Interference on English Fluency Acquisition
  • Angela Odhiambo ~ My Education Journey
  • Josselyn Paute ~ Cause and Effect
  • Lizeth Ramos ~ Exploring the Fascinating Path of Business Administration
  • Javier Saez ~ The Gender Wage Gap
  • Kennedy Shaffer ~ The Threads We Weave
  • Ivanete Silva ~ Exploring How Acupuncture Might Help with Having Babies
  • Savannah Todd ~ Why the United States is Behind in STEM Research
  • Maria Torres ~ Millennial Priorities in the Workplace
  • Kyle Turner ~ English Analysis and Reflection

2023 Student Research Paper Award Submissions

  • FINALIST  Iris Cintra Couto ~ Causes and Impacts of Food Deserts and Food Inadequacy in the U.S.
  • FINALIST  Jimena Sarapura ~ Teaching for a Diverse Population: Descriptivism, Not Prescriptivism
  • HONORABLE MENTION  Gabrielle Miranda de Oliveira Gomes ~ African Americans’ Voting Rights Under Assault
  • HONORABLE MENTION  Danielle Phillips ~ The Impact of British Industrial Revolution on Child Labor and Education: A Historical Analysis
  • Mohammad Al Okla ~ Islam Stereotypes
  • Ekaterine Gulbatashvili ~ Discrimination of Homosexuals in the 20th Century
  • Ekaterine Gulbatashvili ~ Equality
  • Mario Mazzella ~ A Flightless Trip to China
  • Thomas McMahon ~ Marriage and Family
  • Erin Melillo ~ Milgram Paper
  • Jessica Pobee ~ The Consequences of Facebook
  • Stephen Sandor ~ The Greed that is Occupying the US
  • Kyle Turner ~ Social Media Essay