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Middlesex Campus Library

Middlesex COMM 1301: Public Speaking

Welcome COMM 1301 students!

This guide is intended to help students with informative and persuasive speeches. Each tab contains links to useful sources as well as hints and tips.


There are many information resources at your disposal; however, it is important to follow the specifics of your particular class assignment in terms of how many - and what type of - resources you need.

Choose a Topic

Great research topics are all around us! Start with your professor's instructions - is there a particular subject area you must stay within?

You may want to consult:

  1. Course materials - textbook, handouts
  2. Personal interests and experiences
  3. Various news outlets (TV, print, online)
  4. Library databases:

Middlesex Students have free access to the NYTimes - follow this link for information on how to set up your account: