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Three Rivers Campus Library


Three Rivers Library Policies

Collection Development Policy

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Material Challenges Policy

Reconsideration Policy 

Materials in the Donald R. Welter Library are selected to support the information needs of the Three Rivers Campus community. This requires the library to maintain a diverse array of perspectives in numerous fields of study that are or could be of interest to any and all members of the community. A person who wishes to request the reconsideration of library material must file a formal written request for reconsideration using the library-provided form. During reconsideration, the material will remain in circulation and available to patrons. The request will be reviewed by at least two librarians who hold Master in Library Sciences or equivalent degree. Together, these librarians will develop a recommendation that will be submitted to the Campus Library Director. The Campus Library Director is responsible for making the final decision. The recommendation and final decision will be based upon a thoughtful evaluation of the item in its entirety and material retention is predicated on the principles of patrons’ freedom to read, listen and view rather than the specific perspectives of the material in in question. 


Informal Complaint Procedure 

A patron who wishes to request the reconsideration of library material for any reason may meet with the Campus Library Director. If the patron is not satisfied after speaking with the library director, they may begin the process of filing a formal complaint. 


Formal Reconsideration Request Procedure 

A patron who would like to file a reconsideration request regarding a library resource must complete and submit a written request for reconsideration form. This written request will be reviewed by the Campus Library Director and Campus Dean of Students and Faculty, and a determination will be made in accordance with the library’s Reconsideration Policy. The patron will receive a final written response to the submitted request for reconsideration within 90 business days of the library receiving the request. Appeals of decisions to retain may be made to the Campus Dean of Students and Faculty within 30 days of receiving the final written response.