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Three Rivers Campus Library


Three Rivers Library Policies

Food and Drink

Library users may enjoy an occasional snack or drink from a covered container in study areas such as tables and study rooms.  

To protect our shared resources and maintain a clean environment for all library users, please adhere to the following guidelines to help preserve the materials, equipment, furnishings, and environment at the library:

covered beverages and small, odorless snacks are permitted in the library except at computer workstations. Messy or aromatic foods should not be brought into the library.


Open plates of food, as well as messy, aromatic foods such as pizza, salad, and takeout, are not permitted in the library. Individuals who have these foods elsewhere will be reminded of the policy and asked to relocate. Three Rivers Security officers will be contacted if this is a problem.

All areas should be as clean as, or cleaner than they were before study or use. Trash and recyclables are to be placed in the appropriate containers, and spills should be wiped up.