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The Asnuntuck library promotes the development of lifelong information literacy, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills by providing multiple access points to intellectually and culturally appropriate materials for the college and surrounding communities. Library patrons will know that they can find what they are looking for in any library, that a library today is much larger than the space it inhabits, and that it is a friendly place with helpful staff.

The Library Advances Research Skills

The following data is from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters


Students Taught Information Literacy Skills


Research Guide Views

(in support of Psychology, History, and Science)


Questions Answered by Librarians


Reference Question Service Type


Trends in Research Guide Usage (Nov 2022 - Oct 2023)




The Library Bridges the Digital Divide

The following data is from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. 
Graphing Calculator data is from Fall 2023, due to a transition of the service from Tutoring Center to Library.

Pages printed is an estimate based on Summer 2023 data, when a new printer was installed.

Equipment Borrowed



out of 110 available laptops and graphing calculators

Printing Support



estimated pages printed

Technology Support Offered



technology troubleshooting questions answered by librarians



The Library Resources Teaching and Learning

The following data is from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters


Books & eBooks loaned or viewed


Articles requested from databases


Streaming video views



The Library Enhances the Student Experience

The following data is from the Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and Fall 2023 semesters.
Unique visit data was recorded starting in March 2023. Visitor estimate is a projection based on this information.


estimated daily unique visitors

Foundation Mini Grants



special projects* in support of student learning




special projects** in support of students, faculty, and staff

Asnuntuck Foundation Projects

* Poetry Reading series in honor
of National Poetry Month, featuring
CT-based poets Antionette Brim-Bell,
Nicole Young-Martin, and Tarishi

* Independent play area for children
age 1-4 years, in support of single parents

Campus Community Collaborations

** Creation of a pedagogy collection
to support faculty development
(Instructional Excellence/Center For Teaching)

** Development of Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion LibGuide to support
the self-guided learning and
development of students, faculty,
and staff
(Asnuntuck DEI Committee)

** Planning, implementation, and
hosting of the Staff Book Club
(Asnuntuck Staff Council)

** Hosting and support
of the Student Book Club
(Asnuntuck Student Government Association)



Qualitative Data from Students, Faculty, and Staff

Not only has the Asnuntuck library provided me with the educational resources and materials I need to succeed in my courses, but it's also a place I found serious comfort being in. The library staff were always willing and able to help by either offering a quiet space to work, giving useful feedback for projects and papers, or just facilitating that much needed social connection through polite conversation. Being in the library made me feel like an important part of my school community. Working in the library taught me organizational, leadership, and customer service skills that have been essential to my personal and professional success. I can't stress enough the positive impact the Asnuntuck library has had on me as a student/student-worker. 
-- Leah Lopez, student

Our librarians introduce students to information literacy and library resources with the energy and enthusiasm of dedicated educators. My students print their papers in the Library and I hold meetings with students in the Library. Economically disadvantaged students check out required course text from the Library. My Film Study and Appreciate class relies entirely on the Library's catalog of physical media as well as its digital database subscriptions. The Asnuntuck Library and its wonderful staff support and enrich my courses, my students' work, and our campus atmosphere. 
-- Joe Finckel, Professor of English

Asnuntuck’s library provides valuable research help, whether it’s for academic papers, supporting initiatives on campus or simply learning more about the world around you. As a student worker in the library, I consistently see students finding moments of focus, studying, taking tests, or doing homework.The library’s new collections, catered specifically towards teachers and the LGBTQIA+ community, provide useful information and create a welcoming environment. As a brief rest-area in-between classes or to find resources, the library never fails to show its value to Asnuntuck’s essence. 
-- Kai Saucier, student


The collaboration between Library Services and the Teaching and Learning Center has proven to be a catalyst for positive change and their alignment has yielded transformative results. The innovative wipe board wall fosters collaborative learning, providing a dynamic space for ideas to flourish. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) LibGuide empowers students, faculty and staff with diverse resources, enhancing cultural competence. Various joint activities bridge academic support and resource accessibility, cultivating a vibrant educational environment. This collaboration not only enriches the learning experience but also underscores the library's commitment to inclusivity and educational excellence. 
-- Bonnie Solivan, Instructional Design & Educational Technology Campus Lead Coordinator and DEI Equity Coordinator

Library Annual Reports