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Gateway Campus Library


Gateway Library Policies

Gateway Library Use Policy

Please be respectful to others at all times.
Please keep noise to a minimum. Talking is not permitted on the main level.   The lower floor is designated as a Quiet Zone.
Cell Phones
Please turn ringers to silent and/or vibrate and keep voices low when making or receiving calls. Extended cell phone conversations should be taken outside the library.
Food & Drink
Only drinks in covered containers are not allowed in the library.  Small snacks and drinks in covered containers are allowed in the MP room. Please dispose of trash properly.
Any patron who is found guilty of vandalism or theft will be reported to security and the Dean of Students. Consequences for these actions may include restitution and suspension of library privileges.
Personal Items
Personal items should not be left unattended. Library staff retains the right to place unattended belongings in the library “Lost and Found" or given to Security. If you are missing any items please notify a librarian so that security can be notified. The Library is NOT RESPONSIBLE for personal belongings.
Unattended Children
In accordance with Connecticut state law, children under twelve cannot be left unattended in the library.
Computer Use and Access
The library fully supports the policies concerning computer use and access which the College and the Connecticut Community College system ( have put in place.

Violators of these policies may be asked to leave the library.  If you do not leave when requested, Campus Security may be called for assistance.