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Quinebaug Valley Campus Library

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How to Reserve a Study Room


  • Students actively enrolled in QV courses may reserve a study room for up to 2 hours at a time. Study rooms are available for academic use only; students may not reserve study rooms for non-academic or recreational uses.


  • Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance. To provide the broadest possible access to the Library study rooms, multiple bookings (e.g. same time, every day, every week) are not allowed.

  • Consecutive reservations are prohibited; you may not reserve two consecutive 2-hour time slots.

  • Group Reservations limited to 2 persons: Individual QV students in a group may not reserve consecutive time periods, effectively locking up one room for multiple time periods. If a study room is being used by a group of QV students, reservations or renewals, if any, should be made for the group, not for individuals within the group. 

  • Room Renewal: Room reservations may be renewed within 10 minutes of the end of a booking time, if no one else is waiting for the room.  Check with the staff at the Library service desk.

  • No Shows: Not showing up within 10 minutes of a study room reservation time cancels the reservation.

  • Early Departure: Individuals or groups who leave a study room before the end of a reservation time should notify staff at the library service desk that the room is available.

  • Persons using a study room without a reservation may be told to leave the room.

  • Food and Drink: snacks and covered beverages are allowed in all areas of the library, including the study rooms.

  • Maximum capacity: No more than six (6) persons may use a study room at one time.



1. Contact the Library (drop by the library; email; text 860.407.6081; or, call 860.932.4007

2. When you receive confirmation from library staff, your reservation is complete.

3. Please contact us again if you want to cancel or reschedule.  Another student may want to book your canceled time slot.