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About Norwalk Campus Library

Mission Statement

The Everett I. L. Baker Library fulfills its role as a vital resource center for knowledge seekers, catering to the needs of Norwalk Community College's students, faculty, staff, and the broader community. Positioned as a gateway to information, the library's overarching purpose aligns with the college's mission and academic curricula. With the aim of accommodating our diverse user population, the library strives to offer an extensive array of services within an inviting atmosphere.

In addition to its support of the college's educational objectives, the library places emphasis on the integration of innovative technologies and the expansion of instructional avenues. These efforts are geared toward fostering the development of crucial skills, such as the ability to discern, access, evaluate, and present information pertinent to the subjects being studied. By promoting these essential competencies, the library contributes to the fulfillment of the college's educational goals.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned principles were adopted in the spring of 2009, demonstrating the longstanding commitment of the library to its academic mission and the advancement of learning within the institution. [Summer 2023]