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About Norwalk Campus Library

Using Library Physical Materials

Library physical materials must be checked out before removal from the library. Library physical materials used inside the library must be returned to a book cart.

Technology Access

College computers, printing, and wifi access are restricted to registered students and college employees with CT State Community College  accounts.

It is common for colleges to restrict computer, printing, and Wi-Fi access to registered students and college employees with valid accounts. These access restrictions are in place to ensure the security, availability, and appropriate use of these resources for the intended academic community.

By limiting access to registered students and employees, the institutions can effectively manage network resources, protect sensitive information, and maintain a productive learning and working environment.

If you are a student or employee at a CT State Community College and have questions or concerns regarding computer, printing, or Wi-Fi access, it is best to reach out to the college's IT department or help desk. They will provide you with specific information about accessing these resources and any policies or procedures that need to be followed.

Food and Drink

Food is not permitted in the library. Drinks in covered containers are allowed.

Personal Belongings

Library users are responsible for their personal belongings and the library is not liable for any of theft, damage, or loss. We encourage individuals to be vigilant and responsible for your belongings while using the library facilities.

If you believe you have lost an item in the library, following the instruction to visit the East Campus main security desk is the appropriate course of action. Library staff or security personnel can assist you in trying to locate your missing item. 


The library is a quiet study area. Group conversations must be kept to a low volume. Phones must be set on silent. Phone conversations are not permitted in the library. Library users are responsible for providing their own headphones for audio use in the library. Headphones that can be heard by other library users are not permitted.


A parent or guardian must supervise children twelve years of age and under at all times, as required by Connecticut state statute. Unattended children will be reported to campus security.

Respecting the Space

Rearranged furniture must be returned to its original location. Trash and recycling must be disposed of in the appropriate containers. All materials, computers, furniture, art, plants, etc. in the library are the property of the State of Connecticut. Damage to library materials or the library building will be reported to campus security, and the state police may be involved.


In the event of an emergency, follow directions from library staff for a safe and rapid evacuation. Delays in exiting the library will not be permitted, whether a danger is apparent or not.