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About Norwalk Campus Library


Our vision is to strive for the provision and support of the following:

  1. Quality instruction in the research process
    We aim to offer comprehensive guidance and support to enhance individuals' skills in conducting effective research. Through instructional programs and resources, we empower our users to navigate the research process successfully.

  2. A collection of library materials in varied formats
     We endeavor to curate a diverse collection of library materials that cater to the needs and preferences of our users. This includes a wide range of formats, such as books, journals, multimedia resources, and digital content, to facilitate diverse learning and research experiences.

  3. Facilities and equipment maintained for effective academic use
    We are committed to maintaining well-equipped and up-to-date facilities and equipment that are conducive to academic pursuits. Our aim is to create an environment that supports efficient and productive use of resources for educational purposes.

  4. Diverse and multicultural interests
    Recognizing the value of diversity, we strive to embrace and reflect the multicultural interests of our users. We seek to provide resources and services that represent various perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and expanding horizons.

  5. Sensitivity to needs, responsiveness to demand
    We value the needs and expectations of our users and are dedicated to being responsive and adaptive to their evolving requirements. We aim to be attentive, flexible, and proactive in addressing their information and research needs effectively.

  6. Expertise in organization and utilization of learning resources
    We aim to be experts in organizing, managing, and utilizing learning resources. Through efficient cataloging, classification, and information retrieval systems, we facilitate seamless access to resources, enabling users to maximize their utilization.

By adhering to this vision, we strive to provide an outstanding library experience that promotes academic success, fosters intellectual growth, and supports the diverse learning needs of our community. [Summer 2023]