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About Norwalk Campus Library

Privacy and Confidentiality

Baker Library is committed to upholding the State of Connecticut's policy on Confidentiality of Library Records (CT Statutes Chapter 190, Title 11, Sections 11-25) and Personal Data (CT Statutes Chapter 55, Title 4, Sections 4-190 through 4-193). To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of individuals, the library has adopted the following policy:

  • Confidentiality of Information:
    All information collected by Baker Library regarding an individual's use of collections and/or services is considered confidential.
  • Purpose of Personal Information:
    Personal information is gathered and maintained in library records for the following purposes:
    • Facilitating the library's normal business transactions with users.
    • Maintaining accurate information on the location and availability of library materials.
    • Compiling anonymous, population-level usage statistics to assess collections and services.
  • Access to Records:
     Access to an individual's records is granted to the following parties:
    • The individual themselves.
    • Library staff in the performance of their assigned duties.
  • Restrictions on Access:
    Access to an individual's records by any other party, including college staff, library users, or library staff without work-related reasons, is strictly prohibited without a subpoena. Library staff are not authorized to disclose information about an individual's use of collections or services to anyone other than the user or other staff members with legitimate work-related purposes.
  • Exception Requests:
    Requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the library director, academic dean, or college CEO. Such requests must clearly state the specific purpose for which the information is being requested.

We prioritize safeguarding the confidentiality of our users' information and ensuring their privacy rights. Please feel free to contact library staff if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects a student’s privacy with regard to personal information contained in the library’s integrated system. This includes but is not limited to personal data, titles borrowed, and overdue fines or replacement and processing fees for lost or damaged items. Disclosure of any personal information, as protected by both the State of Connecticut’s policy and FERPA, will be authorized only in compliance with the presentation by an official of a city, state, or federal law enforcement agency of a lawfully issued subpoena. The agent will be informed that the subpoena will need to be presented to the library director, the academic dean, or the college CEO.