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About Norwalk Campus Library

Norwalk Library Policies

Norwalk library policies refer to the guidelines, rules, and regulations set by the library to govern the use and operation of the library. These policies provide a framework for the library's services, resources, and facilities, ensuring that they are utilized effectively and that all library users have a fair and equitable experience.

Eligible Borrowers

Access to the library's resources is governed by the following guidelines:

  • Registered CT State Community College students and employees: Individuals with a valid CT State Community College  ID card, login credentials, and password enjoy full access to both the library's online and physical resources.
  • Students and employees from other CSCU institutions: Individuals from other Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) institutions can borrow physical resources from the library by presenting a valid ID card from their home institution. However, they do not have access to online resources.
  • Connecticut residents: Connecticut residents can obtain a guest library card by presenting a current Connecticut photo ID. Non-residents who work in Connecticut can get a guest library card by showing a current photo ID and a current paystub from their Connecticut employer. Guest library cards are valid for one year. Guest users have borrowing privileges for physical resources but do not have access to online resources.
  • CCALD Reciprocal Borrowing Program participants: Individuals from libraries participating in the Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors (CCALD) Reciprocal Borrowing Program can borrow physical resources by presenting their home library card and a CCALD form signed by their home library director. However, they do not have access to online resources.

These access policies are designed to ensure that different user groups can benefit from the library's resources while adhering to licensing agreements, institutional affiliations, and local library consortia arrangements.



  • Books and audio materials: 4 weeks.
  • DVDs: 1 week.
  • Reserves materials are available to CT State CC students for in-library use only.

Faculty & Staff

  • Books and audio materials: 4 weeks.
  • DVDs: 1 week
  • Reserves materials are available to CT State CC students for in-library use only.

Guests and CCALD

  • Books and audio materials: 4 weeks
  • DVDs: 1 week
  • Reserves and books from other CSCU libraries unavailable

CSCU Resources Sharing:

  • All items are shared with CSCU Students, Faculty, and Staff following the CSCU consortium policy.


Books and audio materials may be renewed once. Before the item is due, you can renew it yourself in your online library account, or call the library to request a renewal. After the item is due, you must present it in person to be renewed.

Overdue and lost items

At the Everett I. L. Baker Library, the policy regarding overdue fines and fees is as follows:

  • No overdue fines: The library does not impose fines for items that are returned after the due date.
  • Status change to Lost: If library items are not returned within three weeks past the due date, the system will automatically change their status to "Lost."
  • Notification and resolution: Users who have lost library items will receive a notification requesting them to contact the library. They are advised to either return the lost item or replace it with an identical copy to resolve the issue.
  • Account block: Users with lost library items will have their library accounts and Banner accounts blocked until they contact the library and take appropriate action (returning the item or replacing it with an identical copy).
  • Restrictions on account activities: Until the lost item is resolved, users with lost library items may face limitations on various account activities, including registering for courses, adding or dropping courses, checking grades, or accessing college transcripts.
  • Block removal: Once the lost item is returned or replaced with an identical copy, the account block will be lifted.
  • Guest user restrictions: Guest users with overdue or lost items are prohibited from borrowing additional items or renewing expired guest library cards until the outstanding items are resolved.

These policies aim to ensure the responsible use of library resources and maintain the availability of items for all users. By adhering to these guidelines, the library promotes accountability and encourages timely return or replacement of lost materials.